Yatri Electric Bikes Journey in Nepal

Yatri Electric Bikes Journey in Nepal

Yatri is a home grown electric motorcycle company that is fully designed and assembled in Nepal. The company was started back in 2017 and they released their first prototype in 19th December of the same year. Since then, the company has released two products in the Nepali Market namely, the P-0 and the P-1 electric Motorcycles. Needless to say, they received both positive and negative reviews for their products. But, they were successful to establish their own Brand in the Nepalese automotive market.

Background of Yatri Company:

Ashim Pandey, the founder of Yatri Motorcycles had previously worked at a European car company designing exotic cars. But, a trip across Europe in 2016 with his cousin made him realize that he wanted to do different things in life. And his cousin Batsal Pandey, now business partner also wanted to work together in the near future. So, Ashim Pandey moved back to Nepal and started his design for Yatri in his design studio at his house. And, Yatri Motorcycles was officially started in the year 2017.

Yatri Motorcycles officially launched their first product the Project Zero on December, 2019. It had a café racer design and it had a starting price of 19.49 lakhs. Here, they stated that this cost is justifiable through their use of premium materials and research. And, they also didn’t expected it to be the cash cow for the company. Instead they used the Project Zero to showcase their engineering prowess and their proof of concept.

Now, the company’s second product the P-1 was their first attempt at a commercial product. It brought many features from its older more expensive sibling while having a lower starting price of Nrs. 4.95 lakh. Although it wasn’t perfect, it was a great start for the company. And, the public mostly had positive things to say about the P-1. Currently, the company is working on a new product namely the P-2. It’s an electric scooter that hopes to bring smart features in a budget friendly package. And, it’s expected to launch soon in the near future.

Yatri Motorcycles Current Offerings:

  1. Yatri Project Zero

  • Motor: 48KW (64hp)
  • Battery: 8kWh Lithium Nickel Manganese Battery, 230km expected range and 2hrs charge time
  • Max Torque: 650Nm at Wheel, 120Nm at Shaft
  • Top Speed: 140 Km/h
  • Features: Café racer design, Led Lighting system, 7 inch full HD display, Over the Air updates, 4G connectivity with Anti-theft feature etc.
  • Price: 19.49lakhs


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  1. Yatri Project One

  • Motor: 14KW (19hp)
  • Battery: 3kWh Lithium Manganese Oxide Battery, 110km expected range and 2hrs charge time
  • Max Torque: 480Nm at Wheel
  • Top Speed: 100 Km/h
  • Features: Fast Charging, Dual-Sport EV, Light weight, Dual Disks braking, TFT LCD display, 4G connectivity, Anti-theft feature, Road Side Assistance etc.
  • Price: 4.95 – 5.44 lakhs

Yatri has been selling both of its products in its official showroom at Baluwatar and Budanikantha, Kathmandu. Users can go there and test ride both of their offerings as well. Also, they have provided their exact Map location on their website as well. One can do a Google search for their website or use the link given hereafter for further information: https://yatrimotorcycles.com/

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