Voice of Nepal Journey in Nepal

Voice of Nepal Journey in Nepal

Voice of Nepal in summary is the Nepali version of the international franchise singing reality show “The Voice”. The first season of this show released in 25th August 2018. Till now, it has aired 31 episodes in 3 total seasons. This show is getting positive reviews from the audiences too. Similarly, Kantipur Television and Himalayan Television were the official broadcasting partners of this show.

Voice of Nepal Auditions (How To Participate)

The first Auditions for the show was done through the official Voice of Nepal iOS and Android apps. Contestants only had to download their app and login with their official Facebook accounts and had to fill up the registration form. Next, they should record themselves singing and send their Video. After that, all the contestants received a unique TVON number and wait for their results. After selection, the contestants have to be in Kathmandu for their blind auditions. In this case, the judges of the blind auditions will only hear your voice and decide if they like what you sing. Finally, you can choose your desired coach and continue further.

Voice of Nepal: Show Format

In total, the Voice of Nepal has five competition stages namely: Digital auditions, Blind auditions, Battle rounds, knockouts, live performance and other twists. As we have already discussed about the audition phase above, let’s move to other formats of the show hereafter:

In the battle rounds, two contestants of the same team will perform against one another and the coach will choose which one to progress further. After that on the knockout rounds, only the best and the strongest contestants are selected to go into the next rounds. Also, the rest are to forfeit their journey. Similarly, contestants are to perform live in front of the coaches and everyone watching in the live Performance rounds. Here, both the judges and audience have 50-50 power to rule someone out. Finally, other twists basically mean wild card entry or other twists that may occur during any stages of the show.

Voice of Nepal Season 1

The first season of Voice of Nepal aired on Kantipur TV and Ramailo HD on 25th August 2018, every Saturday and Sunday 9PM onwards. Similarly, there were around 12000 digital clips in a month for auditions and it took 20 days more to select the 108 participants for the show. On the other hand, the live show for this season began on 27th October 2018. It began with a fierce competition and CD Vijaya Adhikari won the first season. Likewise, the first second and third runner ups were Kushal Acharya, Saptak Dutraj and Srijay Thapalia respectively. All in all, Voice of Nepal was a major hit and would return for season 2.

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Voice of Nepal Season 2

The next season of Voice of Nepal aired from August 16, 2019 with some notable changes here and there. First, Abhaya Subba and Sanup Paudel were replaced and the show only broadcasted on Himalaya Television. Next, the auditions for season two were taken through their official iOS and Android apps. Also, the auditions were taken through various social media platforms like Facebook too. However, only 100 participants were selected as opposed to the 108 from the previous season. Similarly, the coaches for the second season were Deep Shrestha, Pramod Kharel, Astha Raut, and Raju lama respectively. Ram Limbu won this season with Aarif Rauf, Sanish Shrestha and Bikash Limbu as the top 3 contestants.

Voice of Nepal Season 3

The auditions for Voice of Nepal Season 3 officially started on 19th March 2021. And, it had a huge number of applicants too. Even so, the coaches skimmed through 150 anticipated contestants to choose 64 top performers through the audition round. Similarly, the judges for this season were Deep Shrestha, Pramod Kharel, Raju Lama and Trishna Gurung as the new addition. On the other hand, the grand finale for Season 3 was held on 7th & 8th August 2021. After fierce competition from other contestants, Kiran Gajmer won the season’s grand finale. However, this season was also major hit for the series and there is news that the season 4 of this series will be held sometime near in 2022.

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