Top Jewellery Shops In Kathmandu

Top Jewellery Shops In Kathmandu

Nepali people love to wear Jewelries for different purposes throughout the year. Some wear it for a specific purposes while others wear them for showoffs. Regardless, jewelries are pretty popular in the country and almost every religion has their own unique designs. If you’re in the market for some Jewelries then you’ve come to the right place. Here, we’ve listed some of the Top Jewellery Shops in Kathmandu for you to consider. They are shown hereafter:

Top Jewellery Shops in Kathmandu

  1. Shree Riddhi Sidhi Jewellers

Shree Riddhi Sidhi Jewellers is amongst the most popular jewelers in the country. The shop was first established in 1997 and is in operation till date. And, they are amongst the first gold Jewellry enterprises along with the first Diamond importer in the country. Also, one can find its branches across the whole country. However, the one in Bishal Bazar, Kathmandu is the most popular one. Likewise, its Jewellry design centers are located at Dubai, Hong Kong and in Mumbai. You can find them on Facebook under the moniker “Shree Ridhi Sidhi Jewellers” easily. Or you can contact them through their contact number: 984-0253095 or email them at: for any queries.

  1. Baraha Jewellry Industry Pvt. Ltd

Baraha Jewellry Industry Pvt. Ltd was first started back in 1995 AD in Dharan, Nepal. And, it’s the first company to get the Nepal Standard Certification for its products. So, you can always rest assured about the quality and the durability of its products. Similarly, they sell all kinds of jewelries with traditional and custom designs. Currently, it’s headquartered in New Road, Kathmandu with branches all over the country and some in foreign nations. You can get further information and contact them easily through their website at the given link:

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  1. Shree Ganapati Jewelers

Shree Ganapati Jewelers is one of the fastest growing jewelry shops in the country which was initially started in 2010. Today, they are one of the most trusted brands and offer one of the best craftsmanship in the market. Similarly, one can find all kinds of Jewellery from Gold, Silver, and Diamond with traditional, modern and custom designs. One can visit their shop at the Bishal Bazar, New Road, Kathmandu for any queries. Or you can also visit their website liked hereafter for all kinds of latest news and information’s:

  1. Classic Diamond Jewellers Pvt. Ltd

Classic Diamond Jewellers Pvt. Ltd is one of the youngest jewellry shops in this list. The company was just started two years back but has a lot of positive reviews from its clients. Similarly, the company’s main focus is to create modern and dynamic jewelries that match the people of the 21st century. And for that purpose, it has equipped all modern equipment’s in its factory that spans over 9,000 sq. ft. You can find their store at New Road, Kathmandu or contact them through their website given below:

  1. Shalimar Jewelers

Shalimar Jewelers is one of the largest Jewellery groups in Nepal that was started back in 1994. Today, it’s well-known for its craftsmanship and quality of products made from the purest metals. One can easily fulfill all of their Jewellery needs either traditional, modern or of custom designs. Similarly, all of their products are quality certified and are made from talented craftsmen with years of experience. You can find their shop at Bishal Bazar, Kathmandu or visit their website for any queries at the given link:

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