Top Driving School in Kathmandu

Top Driving School in Kathmandu

The driving license is an important document that is required to legally drive any kind of vehicles in our country Nepal. Furthermore, it’s hard to get but attracts many applicants throughout the year. Similarly, only handfuls succeed while others have to try again. However, the process is not that simple. Due to the rising number of applicants, it can be time consuming and its best if we succeed in our first trial.

Considering this, it’s best to prepare beforehand and driving schools are the place to do just that. Driving schools teach people from the basics and they train people to clear their driving test flawlessly. One can find many driving schools scattered throughout the capital, all claiming high success rates. For a beginner, this can bring confusions and they can even make the wrong choices in the process. Hence to simply the process, we have listed some of the Top driving schools in Kathmandu for you to choose from.

Top Driving School in Kathmandu

  1. Suzuki Driving School

Suzuki Driving School is one of the largest modern practical driving schools situated in Ekantakuna, Lalitpur and started in 2014. For instance, it spans over 40 ropanies of landholdings and there are more than 20 international driving instructors as well. Also, there are more than 20 motorcycles and 14 modern cars to help trainees learn faster. Similarly, its track is Government trial approved meaning that newbies will feel more confident during their trials. Users can find additional information at their official website at the link given below:

  1. Budhathoki Driving School

Budhathoki Driving School is one of the oldest and most premium driving schools in Kathmandu valley that offers free first lessons and boasts over 95% pass rates. They are located at Radhe Radhe, Bhaktapur and offer their classes over a wide variety of vehicles. Similarly, their teams include professionals that have over there decades of experience that simply means easy and comprehensive driving lessons. Users can find additional information about their classes in their official website at the given link:


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  1. Safe Driving Training Centre

Safe Driving Training Centre is a popular driving school located in Kathmandu valley that is well known for their classes. They offer their services mainly for motorcycles and scooters with a claimed 100% success rates. Recently, they have also started classes with “Simulator technology” to further help trainees get their licenses. Users can contact them through their Facebook handle named @safedrivingtraining for additional details and available classes.

  1. Kritipur Motor Driving Training Centre

Kritipur Motor Driving Training Centre is located in Sahid Smriti marga – 1, Kritipur and provides driving courses on all kinds of vehicles including cars and motorcycles. They also have ample training space. And they have well maintained and well cared vehicles too. Similarly, there are many professional drivers that teach students from scratch to ride their desired vehicles. Also, they boast 99% success rates and interested users can contact them at their official number at: 984-1227078.

  1. Ability Driving School

Ability Driving School is another great option for new riders to get their driving licenses. Located in Kathmandu city, it currently provides all kinds of vehicle courses for scooters, motorcycles, cars and many more. Similarly, they also provide general mechanical classes for their interested students as well. Interested users can contact them at their phone number: 01-5260319 or visit them in person at Shankhamul Marg, Lalitpur for further information.

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