Top Apple Genuine and Authorized Shops and Services in Nepal

Top Apple Genuine and Authorized Shops and Services in Nepal

Apple Products are very popular and are always in demand in our country. As a matter of fact, their products are mostly associated with durability and reliability in our country. Consequently, their popularity resulted in many counterfeit products being sold to people through grey markets and third party stores. This is a serious problem as Apple devices don’t come cheap and the scammed people are always in risk through the use of defective and counterfeited products.

One of the best methods of preventing such scams is through the purchase of Apple products from a genuine Apple store. Although they are pricier, it’s the best way to attain genuine products with official support and warranties. In this article, we have listed some of the Top Apple Genuine and Authorized Shops and Services in Nepal for you to consider.

Top Apple Genuine and Authorized Shops in Nepal

  1. Official Apple Store Website

One of the easiest methods to attain genuine Apple products is through the company itself. As a matter of fact, their website contains all apple products that are currently for sale and users can also spec those products as they like. Similarly, their store accepts various kinds of payment methods like PayPal, MasterCard, Cash on Delivery, Bank transfer and many more. Similarly, the store also provides added benefits like an international warranties, bundle offers freebies and more. Users can access their official website for Nepal through the link shown hereafter:

  1. Evo Store

Evo Store is a genuine Apple reseller and Service center for all apple devices that are currently on sale. Their store is available at a number of locations across the capital including popular hotspots like New Road, Labim Mall, Durbarg marg, pokhara and many more. Similarly, they support all the major online payment gateways and also provide EMI services for their customers as well. Likewise, they also sell their products online and provide genuine apple services and products including Apple Care. Users can access their online store through the link given hereafter:

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  1. Generation Next Communications (Genxt Nepal)

Generation Next Communications (Genxt Nepal) is one of the leading electronics company in the country and an official distributor of Apple products. The company sells and services genuine apple products with official warranties and certificates. Similarly, it also provides EMI options to its customers with valid VAT bills and IMEI registrations of the device. Currently, their shops are located at Sherpa mall, Durbar Marg, Kathmandu and Kumaripati, Lalitpur respectively. Also, users can purchase Apple products through their online store linked hereafter:

  1. HuKut Online Store

Hukut Online store is a one stop online store for all kinds of electronic goods including genuine Apple Products. Although it’s an online store without physical location, it’s still a genuine redistributors of various apple products in the country. The platform sells various genuine Apple products with official warranties at the lowest prices. Similarly, their current head office is located at Prachin Galli, Mid Baneshowr Nepal. Users can buy and compare Apple devices at their official store linked hereafter:

  1. Oliz Store

Oliz store is another great place to purchase genuine Apple Products in the country. The store only sells genuine products of various brands and all of their prices are shown are in NRs. inclusive of VAT. Similarly, they are located at Babarmahal, Kathmandu but offer home deliveries to their customers through their online stores as well. Also, they support a wide variety of payment options with EMI for easy checkouts for their customers. The link to their official online store is shown hereafter:

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