Top 5 Certified IT Learning Centre in Nepal

Top 5 Certified IT Learning Centre in Nepal

Information Technology (IT) is one of the most popular fields of study for students of this generation. For the most part, the rapid advancement in the technological field is demanding a huge number of IT professionals. This in turn led to the huge number of youngsters into the IT field as their desired career choice. In the present context, there are many IT institutions in the country that still use traditional theory based teaching methods for their students. As a result, only a handful of graduates succeed to pursue their dreams without additional trainings or experience. This brings the need for various learning center’s that further prepares them for their careers. Also, there are many IT learning centers that are not validated but still charge students with a hefty amount for their courses. As such, it’s very crucial for students to choose an institution that can best prepare them for their dream careers. Here, we have listed the Top 5 Certified IT Learning Centre in Nepal that students can choose from. Similarly, most of them are in the capital with easy accessibility for all.

Top 5 Certified IT Learning Centre in Nepal Are:-

  1. IT Training Nepal

In the first place, we have IT training Nepal that is located at the prime location of the capital city Kathmandu. It has been providing its services since 2010 and provides various courses as per the student’s needs. Also, they provide classes from morning to evening and students can choose one that best works for them. Users can find additional details about this institution at their website or through the link given:

Available courses:

  • PHP trainings
  • Web development Courses
  • Android Trainings
  • C++ and Python
  1. Broadway Infosys Nepal

Next we have Broadway Infosys Nepal, one of the oldest training institutes established in 2008 and located at the eastern part of Latitpur and Kathmandu. Its ISO 9001:2015 certified and also employs around 70+ professional teachers making it one of the top rated in the industry. Similarly, it also has adequate infrastructures with proper career counseling and with various internship and job opportunities. You can visit their website or the link given below for further information:

Available courses:

  • Web design / front end trainings
  • Full stack web development
  • Java programming
  • Microsoft Dot Net
  1. DIT Solutions

For the most part, DIT Solutions is a software development company that also performs as a learning center for students. Here, its advantage lies in the fact that students can work on real projects given from real clients of the company. As such, students can learn various skills and knowledge through practical trainings and real business environments. Also, deserving ones can even land a job in the company itself or others through recommendations. You can get further information’s through their website or the link given hereafter:

Available Courses:

  • WordPress trainings
  • C & C++
  • Python
  • ETABS and Sketchup
  1. Neosphere

Neosphere is a relatively new IT learning center in the country but it offers one of the best learning environments for students. The courses are time relevant and the training provided are also industry standard. Considering all this, its also one of the best IT learning center for students in Nepal. Further information’s can be achieved through their website or the link provided here:

Available courses:

  • Robotics
  • Python and Django
  • .Net programming
  • Database administration

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  1. APTECH Computer Education

APTECH Computer Education is one of the pioneers in the field of IT trainings that aims to provide professional skill development educations and trainings to students. For this, they provide practical based learning’s with career counseling as well. Also, students can choose from semester based courses, short term courses or crash courses as per their likings. Interested students can find additional details at their official website or through the given link:

Available courses:

  • Hardware and Networking
  • net
  • Core and advanced Java
  • Android Programming

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