Top 4 Achar Company in Nepal

Top 4 Achar Company in Nepal

Achar simply means a pickled food that is normally consumed alongside other main dishes in typical Nepali family. For the most part, it’s a staple dish and can be prepared through the use of various fruits, vegetables and even meat. Nepalese people love to consume this side dish during meals and it can be of various kinds according to the taste of people.  Similarly, it’s prepared traditionally at home and is given out to relatives, friends and families as souvenirs. However, there are few companies that produce and sell Achar as their main products. Some of them the top 4 achar company in Nepal are as follows:

Top 4 Achar Company in Nepal

  1. Aama Ko Achar

Aama Ko Achar is a Nepali Achar company started in 2011 by Sangita Pandey, mother of 3 kids with great cooking skills. She started “Aama Ko Achar” with a goal to bring home made pickles in the market using the finest ingredients. Today, her products are widely popular in the market and there are many varieties that people can choose from. Also, all of her products are made using quality ingredients and in a clean environment. Considering all this, Aama Ko Achar deserves a place in this list. Users can view and purchase their products from their official websites at the link given hereafter:

  1. Paicho Pasal

Paicho Pasal is another company that currently sells achars and other processed agricultural products in the market. As a matter of fact, it was created to process agricultural products produced from the local farms in the rural areas of the country. Considering this, their products are organic and are made from high quality ingredients from the rural farmlands. Similarly, they have a wide range of products that we can use in our everyday life with use. And, their Achars are some of the best in the market and have many positive reviews as well. You can find further information from their website at the link given below:

  1. Samjhana Achar

The next entry on our list is Samjhana Achar, a new local Achar company that is slowly rising into popularity. Despite operating on a small scale, they don’t compromise on quality and taste earning them many positive reviews in the process. Similarly, their products are competitively priced and won’t cost a fortune to try for ourselves. Currently, they are only available through social media platforms and you can place your order through their Facebook and Instagram pages @Samjhanaachar.


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  1. Butterfly

Butterfly is another small scale local food company that currently sells a variety of products like achar, ketchup, sauce, jams and many more. Currently, they are located at Battisputali, Kathmandu but you can order their products through ecommerce websites like merokirana and others. The company is relatively new but has a stable customer base through its well-priced organic and healthy products. You can attain further information or get in touch with them through their Facebook (@fccbutterfly) and Instagram (@butterflyfcc) pages.

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