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MeroJob is a leading online job and career management platform to find jobs of our preference. Since its inception in November 2009, it has become a total recruitment solution for both the employees and the employers alike. Similarly, it also provides various career management services for all job seekers in the country. As a result, it’s known today for being the number one job provider in throughout the country. Here, we will learn about various aspects of the platform that made what it is today.

The Background:

Sailendra Raj Giri, the current CEO of MeroJob founded the platform in 2009 to solve the fundamental problems of all fresh graduates: How to land a job? Back then, he was a fresh graduate from college and searching for a job that earned him around RS.10000 monthly. In the beginning, he started as a salary man and later stared his own business ventured named “Royal Homes”. The company specialized sales of home appliances through EMI without any support from the bank. Soon after its inception, the venture incurred huge losses and was eventually shut down. Now to recover the losses, he and his partners started a company named “Real Solutions” specializing in printing and selling motivational pictures. Unfortunately, this business also failed but it left Giri with a registered company named “Real Solutions”

On a certain day, one of Giri’s partners was asked about the services that their company provided. Faced with this question, he answered that they provided all kinds of solutions just to save their faces. Then, he was asked if they could find a potential receptionist and a mechanic for the client. As a result, they ventured into the human resource business without the intention to do so. Later on, Real Solutions fully ventured into the recruiting business and after many years of hard-work officially launched their site “MeroJob” in 2009.

Business Model:

Real solutions started with a simple business model that required it to find potential employees for their clients. However, this strategy wasn’t effective for the long term and they had to write letters personally to their potential clients. Among those clients, NIC Asia bank wanted to outsource their recruitment process and contacted Giri for a suitable proposal. Giri wrote his first proposal and presented to the CEO of the bank Sachin Joshi who loved his hard work and dedication. After this, the team worked on thousands of proposal and received hundreds of contracts. Finally, the launch of the MeroJob website marked another chapter in the company’s portfolio. Now, they charged the recruiters for their job ads and job seekers can apply them for free of costs. Also, they had a very robust screening process that netted the best employees for the employers as well.

Present Status:

Soon after the launch of their website, it was hugely popular between both the recruiters and the job seekers. Giri’s original goals which he estimated to achieve in a year were fulfilled within a month. Furthermore, the website was a huge success and his goals for the next five years were achieved within just two years.

Today, MeroJob has successfully provided more than 180,000 people with the jobs of their choice. Also, their site has more than 300 million views with around 2.5 million visits each month. Similarly, they also boast around 600,000+ registered job seekers as well. Likewise, they are also offering 32000+ employers advertise their offerings to the job seekers for both domestic and foreign candidates. Considering this, we can easily say that it’s a platform that unites both the job seekers and recruiters with similar needs and goals. For this reason, they are known as the national leader and number one job provider in the country.

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