Best Exterior Design Companies In Nepal

Best Exterior Design Companies In Nepal

Looking for the best Exterior Design Companies to turn your dream properties into a reality? However you can’t seem to decisively choose one? Worry no more. In this article, we’ll discuss about some of the best Exterior design Companies in Nepal that you can choose from. Stick with us till the end to find the perfect Exterior design company to complete your own building projects.

Top and Best Exterior Design Companies in Nepal

  1. Nepal Adarsha Nirman Co. Pvt. Ltd.

The first entry on our list of the Best Exterior Design Companies is the Nepal Adarsha Nirman Company (NANC). It’s currently located at Kuleshwor, Kathmandu and has over Forty-Six years of experience in the field. Hence, it’s one of the most trusted name in the construction sector in the country. Also, they possess skilled and experienced manpower, effective management, high-grade machinery etc. to make your dream into a reality. You can contact them easily through their website at the given link:

  1. Green Design Associates

Green Design Associates ranks amongst the best Architectural and interior designing firm in the whole country. They are well known for their excellent consultancies and wide range of services including constructions, designs, 3D models and others. Also, they are readily available across major cities including Pokhara, Butwal, Jhapa and many more. So, you can’t go wrong with their expertise on the Exterior design of your properties. Lastly, you can easily get in touch with them through their official website at the given link:

  1. Rawa Engineering & Design

Rawa Engineering and Design located at Kathmandu, Nepal is also a great place to get great Exterior design Services in the county. They are very flexible and can work for a variety of spaces including Offices, Homes, Commercial Buildings and many more. Also, their team consists of young creative and energetic personnel that deliver the best quality in work. You can contact them easily through their official website at the given link:


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  1. Pumori Group

Pumori Group prides themselves as one of the best professional Engineering Service agency currently operating the county. They undertake all kinds of deigns and construction works including project management and supervision as per the client’s needs. Similarly, they’ve an excellent track record of project completion meaning they deliver on their promises. So, you can have your Exterior designed at the Pumori Group without any worries. You can acquire additional information at their official website at the given link:

  1. Ujjain Design

Ujjain Design is a relatively new name in the Architecture and design industry of the country. For the most part, they are a group of Architects, engineers, surveyors etc. that bring forth excellent designs. And, they provide various services including urban design and Planning, Architectural Consultations, Supervision, Project management and many more. You can rest assured and contact them at: for all kinds of designs and projects.

  1. Future Works Building Solutions

Future Works Building Solutions is one of the best construction companies in the country that can turn your dream into realities. Today, they are best known for their innovative green and ecological construction works throughout the country. And, they specialize in residential homes, large-span structures, Modular Buildings, offices and many more. Similarly, they also have affordable pricing that caters to all kinds of customers. You can reach out to them through: for all kinds of questions and queries.

  1. Vara Architects and Builders Pvt. Ltd.

Vara Architects and Builders located at New Baneshowr, Kathmandu is a one stop shop for all your Design and construction needs. They offer wide range of services including Building designs, Landscaping, Constructions and many more. Similarly, one can also go to them for all their design needs both Exterior and interiors. You can get in touch with them through their official website at: for further questions and queries.

  1. Arc Design Corp

Arc Design Corp is a well-known and recognized name when it comes to both Interior and Exterior designs. For the most part, they are a design studio with a reputation for creating creative and beautiful designs. And, all their projects are completed with consideration for color, texture, shapes, and clients requirements. So, it’s also a great place for all of your exterior designing needs. You can contact them easily through their official website at:

  1. ArEiCon Nepal

ArEiCon Nepal is a multi-disciplinary firm that specializes in Architecture, Engineering and Constructions. Similarly, their services also include Constructions, 2D & 3D designs, planning, project management and more. All of these are handled by their trained professional staffs who are mostly Architects, Engineers, Designers and Planners. So, you can always rest assured about their quality of work and performances for all kinds of Exterior design Works. You can contact them easily through their official website at:

  1. VOXEL Architects & Engineers

VOXEL is a registered Architectural firm in the country that is well kwon for their sophisticated and intricate designs. Their team consists of creative professionals with years of experience in field with specialization in both traditional and modern designs. Also, they offer all kinds of Design and construction services starting from Pre-design to undertaking the Construction as a whole. So, VOXEL is a welcome addition in this list of the best Exterior design Companies in Nepal. You can contact them easily through their website through the given link:

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